Want to develop your unique hand-lettering style but don't know where to begin?


fear not! The Better Lettering Course is your headstart!


In this $20 online course for beginners, you'll learn the basics of the art of hand-lettering, as well as how to start developing a style that is 100% your own -- not just a replica of other styles you've seen out there
on Pinterest and Instagram 😉.



What We cover In The Course:

    Hand-lettering basics and terminology

    The different tools used in lettering

    Various hand-lettering artists and their unique styles

    Step-by-step process of creating a hand-lettered sketch

    Turning a sketch into a digital piece of art

    How to continue your practice and start your 30-day lettering challenge!

  • BONUS VIDEOS: Six additional videos showing live footage of me lettering in 26 different styles


WHAT you get with your purchase:

  • 8 self-paced video lessons

  • 17 course videos

  • Lifetime access to the course

  • Mobile/tablet compatible

  • A 30-Day Hand-Lettering Challenge Prompt List (PDF)


Student Gallery

What real students have said:

How Better Lettering Course is different:


Learn how to develop your PERSONAL LETTERING STYLE through both theory & practice.


The greatest compliment I receive about my lettering work usually goes something like this: "I saw an image of your lettering on Pinterest and knew immediately that it was your work!" or "I saw that book cover you did and I wondered immediately if you created it! I could tell it was your style!" or "I saw one of your quotes on Instagram and I immediately knew it was yours!" 

Creating a lettering style that people recognize without your name next to it is an incredible feeling because it means you have a distinct creative voice. A signature. With all the lettering resources out there now and especially with an emphasis on getting that "perfect" brush lettering stroke, I wanted to create a course that wasn't about drills and perfection. I wanted to create a course that would provide a foundation for students to define their OWN style. The goal with this course is not to create identical, perfected strokes so you can fit in with all the lettering out there; the goal is for you to stand out and hone your unique voice!


Meet Your Course Instructor

Caroline is an artist, designer, hand-letterer, and happiness hunter with a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs become their best, most vibrant selves. She creates affordable, relatable resources teaching creativity, business and personal growth over at Made Vibrant, and she shares personal stories and insights on her blog about her own journey to living her brightest, most creative life. 

She has taught lettering workshops at events like Camp Good Life Project, and she has been commissioned to create hand-lettered art for various projects including book covers, apparel, branding, and event posters.